Once upon a time,

There was a big ship.

The ship was strong and steady,

It could weather any storm,

With a good captain.

Once there was a young woman,

Proud of the ship that she built.

She would raise its sails,

And sweep its decks,

It brought her great joy.


Staring at the waters below,

Their bright blue reflection,

Made her ponder thoughts,

Of worry.

She would often think,

What if the tides turn?

What if the seas roar?

What would become of my ship?

What would become of me?

She often thought of these things,

So much so that she would miss,

The great blue heron,

Circling overhead.


While fixing something below deck,

The ship jerked suddenly,

Throwing the woman up against a wall.


She gathered herself up and went up the stairs,

Onto the main deck.

The skies were dark,

Blackest of clouds.

Thunder shook the ship and the woman to her core,

Lightening lit up the sky,

And the woman,

Began to fall apart.


She crawled into a corner,

On the vast ship,

Hugging herself into her knees,

Panic ensued,

The woman found herself crippled,

With fear.

As He watched this unfold,

He immediately appeared by her side and yelled,

“Child!! You must take the wheel!”

“I can’t!!” the woman cried, “I’m too scared, I can’t do this! I’ll just sink with my ship!!!”

“It doesn’t have to be this way!” He said, “Have courage, you can take the wheel!”

“No I can’t!!!” the woman cried, “I was worried this day would come, now it’s here and I can’t handle any of this! It’s too hard, I can’t weather this storm!”

The ship shook violently,

Tumbling into the waves,

Sending them both sliding across the main deck.

As they held on for dear life, He cried out to the woman again,

“Please, take my hand!” He said, “You must try and steer us through this storm!!”

He extended His hand out,

“Why can’t You do it???” she cried,

“This isn’t my ship Child!” He said, “you must be the one to steer it!”

She closed her eyes,

Mustering every ounce of courage in her shaking body,

She took His hand,

And they both made their way through to the ship’s wheel.

It spun violently in each direction.

She grabbed the wheel in an effort to gain control.

“NOW WHAT??” she cried, as water splashed onto the ship.

“HOLD IT STEADY!” He cried,

The woman held on tight and shut her eyes,

She could hear the strong claps of thunder,

The rain pouring down upon them,

The water hitting her ship in bursts, splashing everywhere,

Threatening to drown them all.

She continued to cling onto the wheel,

That furiously wanted to spin.


She felt her hands go numb,

As she kept gripping the wheel.

The storm began to subside,

The waves grew smaller,

The woman had successfully gained control of the ship.

“You’re doing it Child!” He cried, “continue to keep her steady!”

The woman grew determined,

She continued gripping the wheel,

Holding her ground,

As the storm’s roar began to diminish.

Soon after,

The clouds dissipated,

And the seas were calm once more.


They stood together,

At the ship’s wheel,

Which the woman now held onto naturally,

As if she had been steering her ship for years.

They looked at each other,

And started to laugh.

“I don’t understand why I was so scared to be the helm in the first place,” she said.

“As most are Child,” He said.

“Why?” she asked, “why do we feel so scared?”

“It is all a game of perspectives Child,” He said, “when the seas are calm, it literally is smooth sailing, and one feels at peace. As soon as a storm hits, that sense of peace is gone. When a person depends on what is outside of them to dictate their inner state, they bump and thrash just like your ship did in this storm.”

“What do you mean exactly?” she asked,

He smiled and spoke, “This ship is a conduit, bringing you through life. The seas are life itself; sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but you needn’t change with it. If you can remember who you are, that ultimately all of you, are peace, love, kindness, compassion and infinite possibility, you can guide your ship through anything that the seas of life throw your way.”

“So if I continue to remain at the helm of my mind, I can steer my ship through the seas of life?” she asked.

“You’re catching on,” He said, smiling brightly.

With that,

The woman gazed out onto the calm blue waters once more,

She noticed a great blue heron,

Diving into the water,

Catching a big fish.



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