Once upon a time,

There was a woman,

Who woke up with a fright!

Startled, scared and confused,

She sat straight up.

Darkness was all around her.

She stood up,

And began walking around,

In this incredibly strange world.

She couldn’t see a thing,

So she extended her arms and hands out,

And walked cautiously,

Trying to look to and fro,

For any signs of life.


After awhile of wandering around,

The woman stopped,

Not seeming to get anywhere.

She started to wonder what time it was,

Why wasn’t the sun appearing?

All she saw around her,

Was darkness.

The woman, feeling hopelessly lost,

Began to cry.

She had no idea of how she had gotten here,

Nor had any idea of where to go.

The pain filled her,

And felt like it would never leave.

As her eyes adjusted,

To the seeming darkness,

She saw bodies surrounding her.

Horrified, she knelt down,

Near to one,

Only to discover,

They were the bodies of the ones that she loved,

Sound asleep.

The woman, relieved, tried shaking one of them,

But they wouldn’t wake.

She screamed and shook,

Yet they remained,


Distraught, the woman laid down next to them,

And closed her eyes once more.

But she couldn’t fall asleep.

The pain was too great.

Desperate, she stood up once more,

Tears streaming down her face,

She looked up to the Heavens and cried,

“Will someone PLEASE HELP ME!”

Holding herself once more,

She knelt down,

And closed her eyes.


After what felt like an eternity,

Off in the distance,

She thought she heard,

A small bell ring.

‘Probably dreaming,’ she thought.

She then heard it again,

It seemed to get louder.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness,

In the shadows,

She saw Him.

As He approached, so did a faint light,

The woman then noticed,

It was dawn.


He came closer and stopped ringing the bell,

The woman, relieved at seeing Him, said, “Thank you for hearing me,”

“Thank you Child, for staying awake,” He said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

As the light of dawn grew, the woman noticed all of the people on the ground,

Sound asleep.

“As you can see,” He said, “everyone’s currently asleep. They have been for some time. But now, many like you are beginning to wake up.”

“Why was it so dark when I woke up? And why is it only a few of us? Why aren’t all of us awake?” The woman asked.

He looked at her with a gentle smile and then spoke, “When a person forget’s their own Divinity, when they place more importance on what’s outside of them than inside, they fall asleep. They remain asleep unless….” He paused, looking across the landscape of sleeping people.

“Unless what?” The woman asked.

“Unless something wakes them up,” He said, “unfortunately, at present it has taken the darkness to jolt you all awake. It leaves you feeling confused, scared, lost, and ultimately suffering until you start asking for help, asking for another way.”

“What is the other way?” she asked.

“Why do you think I was ringing the bell?” He said, “It’s my way of waking you up.”

She looked at Him, nodding her head,

He continued, “People can wake gently from their slumber if they chose another perspective; if they choose to become aware of their Divinity. If they decide to live their lives from the inside out instead of allowing the outside to dictate their inner state. If they remember that they are all that they desire to have, be and experience, if they remember that their truth is peace, then they’ll hear the bell ring.”

He then placed the bell in her hand,

“Now it’s your turn to wake everyone by staying awake. As difficult as it may be to walk among those who stay sleeping, and as much as you would rather join them, know this Child, I need you to stay awake. They need you to stay awake.” He said.

“And what if no one wakes up?” she asked.

He smiled, “Eventually, everyone wakes from their slumber, but waking up by a gentle bell is much better than being jolted awake by a bullhorn.” He said.

With that, He winked at the woman,

Then turned around and disappeared.

She looked at the small bell, and feeling the warmth of the sun on her face,

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and started walking.

She walked among the ones who slept,

Gently ringing the bell.

As she walked she began to notice her loved ones,

Stirring in their sleep.

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