Once there was a young girl,

Who liked to follow.

She followed her parents,

And did what they told her to do,

Seldom questioning them,

Or perhaps a question (or two),


The girl took their direction.

She continued to follow them,


She began to go to school.


The girl found herself following her friends,

They were her new group to follow.

She did all that they wanted to do,

Seldom questioning them,

Okay, perhaps a question (or two, or three),


The girl took their direction.



Her parents direction,

And her friend’s direction,

Often clashed.

The girl,

Not wanting to disappoint anyone,

Would try to do the best that she could,

To keep everyone happy.

The girl loved harmony,

She made this her aim,

Try and keep everyone happy.

An objective,

Which was never truly fulfilled.


She continued to follow her friends and her parents,

Then one day,

A dashing young man appeared,

He took a liking to her,

She took a liking to him,

Lo and behold,

She had a new person to follow.

She did all that he wanted her to,

Seldom questioning him,

Err, perhaps a question or 50 (you want to try what now?),


The girl took his direction.


The girl went so far,

Far away,

From herself.

Oblivious to this,

She ate sugary sweets,

And surrounded herself with gorgeous things.

She found herself at odds with the ones that she loved,

Her parents didn’t understand her,

The dashing man was displeased with her,

And her friends,

Became few and far between.

Her resources pooled into these tasty sweets,

These beautiful trinkets,

That acted as a mask,

Hiding away the truth.

Try as she might,

She couldn’t stop herself.

It was the only thing,

That provided,




As she looked in the mirror,

Disgusted with the image that looked back,

Surrounded by the growing amount,

Of beautiful things that no longer fulfilled her,

She asked herself,

“How did I get here?”

A voice called to her from behind,

“You followed.” He said.


“Who are you?” she asked,

“A friend,” He said.

“What did you mean by ‘you followed?’” she asked.

“I was just answering your question; you followed. You followed everyone else.” He said.

“I just did as I was told”, she said, “I just wanted to keep everyone happy; how is that such a bad thing?” she asked.

He smiled, ”what about what your heart wanted?”

Suddenly, she felt sharp pang in her chest,

As if a thousand arrows hit her all at once.

She turned away,

And began looking at one of her trinkets.

“You know this one’s my favourite,” she said, “I even scored it on sale.”

“You are strong enough to face what you are avoiding Child,” He said.

“I don’t know what You are talking about,” she said.

She got up to leave the room, thinking only about a chocolate bar she had stashed away.

He held her hand,

“My Child, you have been planting roses in barren earth, pretending it is lush soil,” He said, “avoiding the truth doesn’t make it go away. It only kills your flowers.”

She turned to face Him,

Her eyes stung as tears began forming,

“So what am I suppose to do with that?” she asked.

“Dig,” He said, “I know you are afraid, and it’s okay to feel afraid my Child. I know you feel so afraid that the pain will feel all too great to face. That the earth will become flooded; awash in your tears. But you must dig and expose the barren, parched earth of your heart. It is the only way you can set yourself free of this pain and truly grow.”

Collapsing into a heep,

The girl was beside herself.

She began to weep.

She wept for what had become of her,

She wept for betraying her heart,

And the uncomfortable feelings she started to face,

Of feeling lost,

With her heart’s compass, untouched.

He knelt down beside her,

And wrapped His arms tightly around her.

As she unearthed the sadness,

And allowed her tears to flow,

She heard a strong CLAP of thunder.

One drop of rain,

Then two,


A downpour began.


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