Once upon a time,

There was a girl.

She was so full of life!

She loved to run, jump, dance,

And twirl among the sycamore trees,

That lined the forest near her house.

She loved feeling the warmth of the sun,

The gentle breeze which touched her face.

Her heart was,

So full of love.

She could light up a room,

With her smile.


One day,

As she was outside,

From out of nowhere,

A huge rock came hurling her way.

It hit her,

Hard on her head.

When she came to,

She noticed a group of people surrounding her.

“Are you okay?” one asked,

“Can we help you up?” another asked.

Dazed, she stood up,

“I’m fine, thank you,” she said, stumbling a little.

The people helped her to her home,

Her mother put a soft bandage around the wound,

“You’re lucky that a large bolder didn’t strike you,” she said, “you must be careful my child. Watch your surroundings always so that this can’t happen again.”


The girl watched as children played outside.

She hadn’t left her house for days.

Her parents encouraged her to,

But she continued to remain in her room.

The love that once filled her heart,

Did a peculiar thing.

It started to change into something she hadn’t felt before.

It made her chest tight,

Her breathing quick and laboured,

Her muscles tense.

Her heart, now transformed with fear,

Kept the girl inside.


She resisted as much as she could,

But could no longer avoid the outside world.

Her parents forced her out,

‘Enough is enough now!’ they would exclaim.

The girl, reluctant to go, found a temporary solution to ease her discomfort.

She carried with her,

A big, black umbrella,

Which she used to shield herself from anything that could hurt her.

‘I won’t ever let that happen to me again,’ she would think to herself.

The umbrella swallowed her as she walked,

She could no longer see the sun,

The gentle breeze missed her,

She couldn’t see any smiling faces,

The girl would make these trips as short as possible,

Avoiding any potential pain that might occur.


One night,

She heard big, loud ‘popping’ sounds,

It frightened her to the core.

She hid under her covers,

In her room.

He appeared and sat down next to her,

Where she lay curled up in her bed.

“My Child, you’re missing the show!” He exclaimed,

“What show?” she asked, “all I hear is awful popping sounds that won’t stop!”

“Why don’t you open your curtains and find out?” He asked.

“No Way!” she exclaimed, “I don’t want to be hit with whatever is causing that sound; what if it crashes through my window?”

He sighed, “suit yourself Child, but I will be back tomorrow morning. We are going for a walk.”

He disappeared.

She sat up, thinking to herself, ‘He’s dreaming if I will step outside after tonight’s ruckus.’

She pulled the covers tightly around her once more,

And hid herself away after hearing a loud BANG sound.


Her parents took in the fireworks show from their front porch,

Wishing that their daughter was able to see it.


Her alarm sounded,

6:00am displayed,

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ she thought.

He appeared by her side,

“Up please!” He exclaimed, “C’mon, get your umbrella and let’s go,” He said.

Groaning, she pulled the covers up above her face,

“I’m NOT GOING!” She exclaimed,

All of a sudden,

Her covers disappeared.

“What the???” she exclaimed.

He came in with the big, black umbrella,

“You’re coming with me,” He said.

He placed the umbrella on her bed and proceeded down the stairs.

Angered by this, the girl jumped out of bed, begrudgingly got dressed and followed Him outside.


“You missed a spectacular show last night,” He said.

“I don’t care,” she responded, “better than getting hit by one of those things and catching fire.”

He laughed.

They made their way to the forest a short distance away from her home.

She carried the big black umbrella,

Only seeing her two feet in front of her.

Her heart rate began increasing,

There was tightness in her chest once more,

Fear began to take it’s grip over her,

“Can we go home now??” she asked.

“We just started the walk,” He said, “we haven’t reached the sycamores yet.”

The fear, becoming unbearable, prompted her to stop in her tracks.

“I don’t want to go to the forest, I just want to go home!” she exclaimed,

“Why?” He asked, “what are you afraid is going to happen Child?”

“I don’t know! I just want to leave now!” she yelled.

Preparing to run, she turned the umbrella in the other direction,

Only to have a gust of wind blow against it fiercely,

Releasing the handle from her hand, sending it flying,

Far away from her,

“My umbrella!!!!!” she exclaimed.

She was about to go after it until He stopped her.

“It’s okay Child, let it go.” He said.

“No no no no, I can’t!!!!” she cried, “I can’t I’m so afraid I’ll get hurt again!”

She knelt down, burying her head in her hands.

“Please, please don’t make me go to the forest, please! I want to go home, I’m afraid. I’m so scared, please!” she cried.

He knelt down, placing His hands gently upon her shoulders,

“Take a deep breath; calm down Child,” He said.

He raised her up once more.

He took her hands off of her face,

Placing His thumb upon her chin, He lifted her head up gently,

“My Child, there’s nothing to fear,” He said, “you are safe here.”

Taking stalk of where she was standing, He was correct,

Nothing was around them,

No rocks flying through the air,

No one around.

Nothing except the wind,

Which gently rocked the branches of the sycamore trees.

She relaxed a little,

Then remembering her heart which was still filled with fear, she spoke,

“I’m scared,” she said, “what if something bad happens again?”

He took a long deep breath, then spoke,

“What you experienced was frightening; I am so sorry that that happened to you,” He said, “I understand that you’re afraid of it or anything bad for that matter, happening again.”

“But I must ask you Child, is it better to go through life anticipating the worst and hiding underneath your umbrella, or by expecting the best and actually living life?” He asked.

In that moment,

The girl’s eyes caught a glimpse of the sycamore trees.

As she pondered the question, it dawned on her just how much she missed,

Dancing and twirling about in front of them.

“I suppose expecting the best and living life is the better way,” she said.

“But bad things can still happen to me, how do I face them when they happen?” she asked.

He smiled, “when you expect the best of life Child,” He said, “even what’s perceived as ‘bad’ ends up being good for you. So why fear the bad? Yes, you may experience negative emotions throughout your life, but that is not the truth of your heart. Don’t allow the situations of life to tell you what your heart is. Your heart is love. No matter what happens, let your heart be your guide; follow it home to your truth.”

The girl felt her shoulders relax,

And her breath soften.

In that moment, a peculiar thing began to happen,

The fear, which had once gripped her heart,

Started to change.

A warm sensation overtook the girl,

Her heart fully transformed and was filled with love once more.

He watched as she walked over to the sycamore trees,

Whose branches continued to sway gently in the wind,

As if enticing her to join them.

Allowing the love of her heart to permeate her entire being,

She stretched out her arms,

And started to dance.

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