Once upon a time,

There was a charming young woman,

Who loved to garden.

She grew many things,

But her prized possessions,

Were 4 red roses.

She spared no expense or detail in growing them,

Tilled the soil,

Pruned them,

Watered them diligently.

She watched as they grew,

From seed to stem,

Stem and leaf,

Leaves and thorns,

Bud to open petals.

4 bright red, long stemmed roses,

Stood out proudly in her garden.


One day,

A storm came,

And ripped one of the roses right out of the earth.

Seeing each petal strewn around in her garden,

Of once was a proud standing rose,

The woman fell to her knees,

And cried.

“I worked so hard to tend to my roses and now one is dead!!!!” She cried.

Wiping her tears,

The woman suddenly grew determined,

‘I won’t let this happen again’ she thought.

She took extra care of the remaining 3,

Watered and cared for them,

Covered them at night,

Eyeing the sky for other storms.


One day,

As she was watering her plants,

She looked over at her prized possessions,

And noticed,

The leaves on one of her roses,

Contained brown & yellow spots.

She removed the ‘imperfect’ leaf and pruned the rest of the rose.

‘Perfect again.’ she thought to herself.

The next day,

Those same spots had spread to the rest of the rose.

It began drooping,

The petals started to fall.

Her beautiful rose,

Was dying.

The woman knelt over the sick flower,

Tears trickling from her eyes,

‘No, no no, why is this happening?’ she thought to herself.

The woman sat,

Under a tree near her garden,

Beside herself with grief.

Watching this,

She came and sat down beside her.

Placing Her hand gently upon the charming woman’s shoulder,

She asked, “What troubles you My Child?”

The woman looked over at Her,

Shaking her head, she asked aloud “Why is this happening? I just don’t understand. I’ve done all that I could to take care of my roses. I’ve pruned them, watered them, tilled the soil ensuring they receive proper nutrients. They were perfect and now they’re dying, one by one.”

“Like all things Child.” She said, looking at her with a loving smile.

The woman looking over at Her, spoke, “Was what I did enough?”

Looking into her eyes, She spoke, “Perhaps a better question to ask yourself Child is this; isn’t it enough that they exist?”

“I don’t understand what you mean,” the lovely woman responded.

“When a baby is born, all marvel at the miracle of life. Just because that baby exists, it’s enough.” She said.

“But then, as the baby grows into a child,

“it’s not enough that they exist anymore,

They must behave in a certain way.”

“As the child grows further,

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must study and get good grades.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must look a certain way.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must be social and have good friends.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must determine what kind of career they wish to achieve.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must find their partner for life.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must be married and have children.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must have more than their neighbour.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must have a post on Instagram go viral.”

“It’s not enough that they exist anymore,

“They must have 1000 friends on Facebook.”

“It’s not enough anymore, to simply,

“Exist.” She said.

She continued, “Until……….that beautiful life dies. Then all of a sudden, as if waking from a dream, one realizes that life was more than enough…….because it existed. ”

The charming woman looked over at Her, then wrapped her arms around Her tightly,

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, “I didn’t realize…..I…..I never saw it that way…..”

“Don’t apologize my Child,” She said, “it’s an affliction that plagues most people on this Earth. You all have forgotten that you were once small babes, precious and beautiful, a marvel and a miracle of life. You remain those same miracles of life, no matter how old you become. Some advice; continue to take care of your remaining roses, but be sure to love them for their existence. Be sure to love yourself; appreciate the love that you offer so readily to them. All life is precious Child; all life is enough because it exists.”

The charming woman held onto Her tightly, breathing in each word, feeling it deep within her heart.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You needn’t thank me my Child,” She said, “It’s what I’m here for.”

Just then, She disappeared.

The charming woman peered back at her garden once more.

2 out of her 4 roses remained.

She marvelled at their sight,

Appreciating every single petal, leaf and thorn.


Out of the corner of her eye,

She noticed a curious thing.

Out of the earth next to where the first rose was taken,

A small seedling began to grow.


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