Once upon a time,

There was a little girl.

She was born in a big & beautiful,


It was a prison filled with clothing, toys, food,

Shelter, clean water,

All the comforts of life.

The little girl never saw the locked door,

Or the bars on her windows.

She sat happily playing,

With a multitude of toys.


As the little girl grew,

She started developing desires.

Desires for toys, clothes, food,

Desires for experiences,

Desires for friends.

But the owners of the prison held control and the key.

Sometimes her wishes were fulfilled,

Other times, they were not.

The word ‘can’t’ slowly crept into the girl’s vocabulary,

And became ingrained in her in a way that changed,

The very course of her life.


As the girl grew into a young woman,

She collected a few more words.

In addition to ‘can’t’, the words ‘struggle’ and ‘hard’,

Made their way in.

Everything in her life became those words,

Learning was hard,

Work was a struggle,

Relationships were hard,

“I can’t” became her best friend.

Soon, she began to notice,

The prison’s bars on her windows and doors,

The locked door at her entrance,

Within her illusion of her home.


She tried to break free,

Many many times.

However, ‘struggle’, ‘can’t, and ‘hard’ held control and the key.

Fed up,

She sat by the locked door,

Head in hands,

Saying a prayer in her mind.

At once She appeared,

And sat by her side.

“I’m here my Child,” She said, “What’s the matter? What’s bothering you?”

“I’m trapped,” the woman said, “I’m trapped, in here, and I didn’t even know, and now I’m stuck. I’ve tried everything to break free, but I’m stuck here, and I can’t get out. I don’t know what to do.”

The woman began to tremble, she shook her head in disbelief.

She took her into Her arms, cradling her like a new born babe,

“Freedom is your birth right,” She said, “If all of my Children knew and understood this, then there would be no struggle.”

“Why don’t we know this?” the woman asked.

“Because most of you have forgotten your nature,” She said, “you spend your whole lives discovering who you are, instead of actually living from that truth. Imagine a world where everyone knew their inherent nature: love, kindness, light, strength, peace, creativity, infinite possibility, etc. You would not create prisons such as this one.”

“So how do I let myself out?” the woman asked.

“Struggle and hardship, these are choices,” She said, “even now you struggle with accepting your present. If you can begin to accept where you are now, the grip that struggle has begins to loosen. If you then can start to believe that you are freedom, that the general flow of life can flow with ease, like breathing or like water flowing, then the key to let yourself out of this prison will appear.”

“It is up to you to decide whether you want to continue to struggle upstream against the current of life, or to flow with it.” She said.

The woman pondered this, then responded, “and if I flow with life heading straight towards a waterfall? Then what?”

“Then Spirit will always catch you,” She said, “Spirit can’t catch you if you’re struggling upstream by yourself.”

She kissed the woman’s forehead and then disappeared.

The woman sat, pondering Her words.

She looked up through her window and saw snowflakes falling gently from the sky.

As they flowed gently to the ground,

As if Spirit was guiding them down,

The woman decided she would allow herself to flow with life,

To allow the current of Spirit to guide her way.

Suddenly, she felt an urge to look down,

On the floor, laid out right in front of her,

She found herself looking at,

A beautiful silver key.

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