Once upon a time,

There was a girl who dressed in black.

All black, from head to toe.

She wore dark red lipstick,

Her complexion as pale as porcelain.

She walked around with a frown upon her face.

She felt sad about herself,

Her experiences,

At the state of this world.

Helpless to do anything about it,

She made her way into corners.

Fetal position providing very little comfort,

Holding herself,

As if the only warmth she had was slipping away.


One day,

She came across a boy,

Who wore simple slacks and a dress shirt,

And bore a clown nose upon his face.

Confused, she decided to move in closer.

She observed him making a group of children laugh.

Once the children got up to leave, she approached him, cautiously.

“Well hello there,” he said, “you came looking for a laugh then?”

“Uh no,” she replied, “actually I came to ask you why you’re dressed so ridiculously?”

He laughed, “well, I like making people laugh, especially at my expense,” he winked.

“What’s there to laugh about?” she said, “do you ever watch the news? Global warming, wars, people dying, people suffering. With all of that going on, what’s there to even smile about, let alone laugh?”

He sighed while looking down, “It’s a shame,” he said.

“Yes, it really is,” she said, “and you really shouldn’t be promoting laughing to those-“

“That’s not what I meant,” he said, “sorry to cut you off, but you misunderstood me.”

Confused once more she asked, “well what did you mean?”

He looked intently at her, “It’s just that you’re so beautiful, but you shroud yourself in darkness,” he said, “why stay in the dark when it’s warmer in the light?”

This question stumped the girl who almost always had a response for any question of this kind.

She stood there, contemplating her stance when,

All of a sudden,

The boy lunged forward and put the bright red clown nose,

Upon the girl’s face.

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!” he burst into laughter, “you need to see your face, hahahahaha!”

The girl, shocked, turned beat red and stormed off.

“Ohhh no wait! You need to look at yourself!” the boy yelled, running after her.

The girl kept on going, filled with anger,

‘I can’t believe he did that to me!’ she thought,

And without warning,

She tripped on a rock and fell at the edge,

Of a beautiful, crystal clear lake.

She was about to cry out in fury,

Until she looked down and took a peak at her,


Seeing her pale complexion, dark hair and bright red lipstick,

Paired with that bright red clown nose,

Made her anger crumble in an instant.

First, a slight smile,

Then a giggle,

Followed by the loudest sounding belly laugh.


The girl laughed and laughed,

Until tears formed in the corners of her eyes,

And her tummy ached.

He stood by a tree,

Near where the girl was,

Watching this sight, He approached and asked,

“Child what is so funny?”

She turned to look at Him,

There was a pause of silence,

Then more laughter.

The boy, seeing this incredible sight, felt it was safe for him to come over to the girl,

Who was beside herself with laughter.

“So I take it that you forgive me then?” he asked.

Seeing the boy, the girl calmed down,

And smiled a serene smile,

“I do,” she said, “actually, I should thank you. I haven’t laughed like that in a very long time.”

“I never use to either,” he said, “that is until He showed up one day.” he said, pointing to Him, who continued to stand near the girl at the lake’s edge.

“I remember I use to be so sad, sad because my parents were always fighting. Sad because people around me never understood me. Sad because I didn’t really have any friends. Then He showed up one day and taught me something.” he said.

“What did He teach you?” she asked,

“He taught me that both darkness and light exist in this world,” he said, “sometimes being the dark is easier, because it’s what we know more of, what we’re exposed to most of the time.”

“But if we choose the easy way, we add more darkness in this world and then no one wins.” he said.

“So what choice did you make?” she asked.

“I chose to be light,” he said, “I had spent most of my life being in the dark and I was done with that. It wasn’t an easy choice but I decided that no matter what, I would choose to be a light beacon. And I figure if I could make that choice for myself then maybe I could help others to see that they are their own beacons that would guide them to the way home.”

The girl closed her eyes and slipped off the clown nose.

She walked over to the boy and hugged him tightly,

“Thank you,” she said.

“No, thank you.” he said.

They both chuckled.

Beaming at them both, He took His leave, but not before leaving her a gift.

She looked over at where He had stood,

And saw an object on the ground.

She bent down,

And picked up a small figurine,

Of a lighthouse.

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