Once upon a time,

There was a little girl.

She use to dream about her wedding day.

She pictured what her husband would look like,

Be like,

Act like.

She would wear an old embroidered piece of cloth over her head,

Pretending it was a veil.


As she grew,

Her desires for a true love did as well.

She had crushes,

And allowed her imagination to run wild.

She loved the idea of love.

She wore her heart on her sleeve,

And fell in love with lots of boys.

Ones that didn’t honour or respect her,

Ones that asked her to change to suit their needs,

Their wants,

Their desires.

The young woman changed herself to suit their fancy.

She did anything she could in order to feel the love that she so deeply desired.


As she grew some more,

She saw many people around her getting married.

She bore witness to their love,

Never truly finding her own.

She continued to search hi and lo for love.

Even buying beautiful red dress,

One that she would save and only wear on a special night out with her true love.

She tried every dating website, every avenue she could think of to meet someone,

To no avail.

Until one day,

She met a man who suited her every fancy.

He was tall & handsome and had a good job,

He pleased her ear with sweet nothings,

And made her giggle with delight.

She thought that she had finally found the love of her life,

But little did she know, he had other ideas.


“You know you wanted it, don’t pretend like you didn’t,”

His words, felt like razor blades on her skin, as he left the room.

Lying there, the covers weren’t enough to hide her shame,

She did want it, she wanted it so much,

She just wanted to be loved.

She spent the entire day there, crying at the state of her heart,

Which lay with her, completely shattered.

Just then,

He appeared at her bedside.

He kissed her gently on her forehead.

“What did I do to deserve this?” she asked.

“Nothing Child,” He said.

She cried out, “Then why does this keep happening to me?? Don’t I deserve to have someone love me??”

“Of course you do, but you made one mistake my dear sweet Child,” He said, “You went looking for love.”

“And that was a bad thing?” she asked.

He smiled, “It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just an error.” He said, “One that most people make because they’ve simply forgotten about themselves.”

She sat up, wiped her tears and said, “I don’t understand.”

He looked into her eyes and spoke, “You are love. You have always been love. You will always be love.”

“Everyone says stuff like that,” she said, “I’m love, great, now what?”

He chuckled, “It’s easy to dismiss something that seems so trivial, but consider this, you are a reflection of the love your parents have for each other. Since you are the result of love, created from love, and therefore, are love, why go in search of it? All of these men have taught you one thing: you were looking in the wrong place.” He said.

She spoke slowly, “ So the love that I want is in me? I should have been loving myself this entire time?”

He smiled, “Do you deserve anything less?”

And in a blink of an eye,

He disappeared.


The next day,

The young woman got dressed.

She put on some of her finest makeup,

Decked herself out in her favourite jewelry,

And pulled out the red dress from her closet.

Feeling beautiful, she made her way to her favourite restaurant.

The hostess came to greet her,

“Dinner with someone special tonight?” She asked warmly,

“Yes actually,” The woman replied.

“So table for 2 then?” The hostess asked.

“No,” the young woman replied, “just for 1.”

The hostess, appearing confused, sat the young woman at a beautiful table overlooking a lake.

When the waiter arrived, she ordered for herself a glass of the finest wine and a delicious meal.

She sat back and watched as the stars started peeking out in the bright night sky.

The young woman, taking in the beauty that surrounded her, closed her eyes.

She silently thanked Him and every man who had hurt her, for teaching her where to find her true love.

As she opened her eyes, there in the night sky,

A shooting star appeared.


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