Once upon a time,

There was a beautiful, strong woman.

She was very athletic,

And loved to challenge herself.

She was also very generous in nature;

Always giving to others.


One day,

Her and her friends decided to go mountain climbing.

They got all their gear in order and began to climb.

During the journey,

One of her friends broke her boot.

Her friend asked if she had a spare pair.

Knowing that her own boots wouldn’t make it to the top, the woman had kept a spare, but nervously parted with them.

‘I’ll make do’ she thought, ‘my friend needs these more.’

While camping,

Another friend asked to borrow her tarp,

“Your tent is sturdier than mine, you won’t even miss it!” he said.

“Sure, of course, here you go,” she said.

That night, the snow came down and the wind blew hard,

And even though her tent was sturdy,

Some snow blew in.

The woman shivered, but thought, ‘my friend needed it more, I’ll manage.’


As the group traveled, the woman noticed she had given most of her extra gear away.

Her boots started to fall apart,

A hole started developing in her tent.

She had shared most of her rationed food,

And found she was running out for herself.

But the woman proceeded on,

Always telling herself, ‘I’ll make do with what I have.’

The woman struggled up the mountain,

Her boots could no longer grip properly,

Her gear began to fall apart,

And she was out of food.

To make matters worse, she fell behind the group, more and more by the hour.

In the distance, She was watching as the woman continued to struggle.

The woman grew anxious as the sun began to set,

In her haste, she lost her grip and fell.

Suddenly, She appeared, catching the woman in Her arms.

“Be careful Child,” She said, “that was very close!”

She helped steady the woman and they both climbed a short distance to a safe landing on the mountain.

“Why were you trying to rush up the mountain Child?” She asked, “You do realize how dangerous that is.”

“I know,” the woman said while closing her eyes and shaking her head slowly, “I don’t know what I was thinking, I was just so nervous because the sun’s about to go down and I can’t even see my group anymore! They just abandoned me here, after all I did for them!”

“If you don’t mind me asking Child, why did you give away all of the things you needed in order to climb this mountain?” She asked.

“Because I wanted to be helpful,” the woman said, “because I didn’t want to be selfish and not help. It’s just in my nature to give, especially to those in need.”

“At the expense of yourself?” She asked.

The woman, appearing confused, furrowed her brows, “what do you mean?”

“My Child, giving is a beautiful thing, there is no doubt about this. However, you must first receive in order to truly give.” She said.

“Receive?” the woman asked, “but I had the extra stuff to give away.” she said.

“Not without placing yourself in a compromising position,” She said, “no one benefits from that.”

The woman looked at Her with disbelief.

“So what are You saying? I shouldn’t have helped my friends?” she asked.

“My Child, giving or helping should only be done from a position of abundance,” She said, “if you don’t have the means, don’t be afraid to say so! Find another solution that would be of benefit for all of you. Friendship, like any other human relationship, is a lesson of giving and receiving. What if one of your other friends had an extra pair of hiking boots? What if you could have shared two tents and put together your tarps?”

“Child when you disregard your needs and serve everyone else’s you end up on the bottom of a see-saw, and when you no longer have anything further to give, the other person eventually jumps off, leaving you in the air with nothing left.” She said. “That does not serve anyone, especially yourself.”

With tears trickling down her cheeks, the woman said, “I understand what I’ve done. But I don’t know how to get out of it now. I fear it might be too late, please what can I do?”

“It’s never too late Child, but you must decide. Are you going to continue to struggle up this mountain by yourself, or will you decide to ask, trust, and know that it is okay to receive the help that you need. Because Child, when you receive all that you desire and deserve, you are in a position to give all that you can give. You won’t simply climb this mountain, you’ll move mountains.” She said.

The woman closed her eyes and said a prayer that reverberated deep within her heart. It was a prayer she had never said to herself before, but one that became perfectly clear to her now,

“Thank you dear Universe for helping me to receive all that I need and that I desire, so that I may give of myself to others in true service. Thank you for helping me to finish climbing this mountain.”

As the woman opened her eyes, a curious thing happened,

Her group re-appeared, calling out to her.

“There she is!!!!” Cried one friend,

“I’ve got her!” Cried another.

“Thank God we found you!!” her friend said, “we were so worried when we didn’t see you behind us!!!”

“You came back for me?” The woman asked, feeling relieved and touched at the same time.

“Of course!! We wouldn’t just leave you here, especially with the sun setting.” Her friend said.

While taking her hands, they assisted the woman up the mountain and continued on to another soft landing close to the summit.

That night, by the fire, the woman thanked Her for her help and wisdom,

Seeing her friends smiling, all together with her now,

Warmed the woman’s heart.


The next day,

They all reached the summit together.

Her friends handed her the flag that they had made.

“We want you to place the flag,” her friend said, “you deserve it.”

Gratitude flooding her heart, she placed the flag on the summit.

The woman led them all in a great big cheer,

Which shook the mountain.


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