They all laughed at her,

As she tried to take the sign stuck to her back off.

FREAK was written in piercing black marker.

Tears trickled down her cheek,

From shame and embarrassment.

She finally ripped the sign from her back and tore it in half,

As they kept laughing.

She ran into a field, away from them.

He, at once, appeared by her side and sat down beside her.

“Are you here to mock me too?” she asked, half jokingly.

He smiled, “No, I’m here to remind you of who you are, so that you can remind others of who they are.” He said.

“They think I’m weird; a freak” she said, “they just laugh at me. I tried to fit in with them but every time I tried, it’s like I screwed it up even more or something.”

“A lion can’t be a dog, even if it tries to bark like one,” He said, “no matter how much you try, you can’t change who you are. Better off to accept your truth than to try to live someone else’s.”

“Even if they reject me?” she asked.

“Interesting thing about rejection Child is more often than not, the ones doing the rejecting are actually rejecting a part of themselves. All of life on this physical planet is like one big giant mirror. Those that call you a freak, are rejecting the creative, free part of themselves out of fear of not ‘fitting in’ or going against the grain. That is the sad part.” He said.

“But it still hurts,” she said, “it hurts to be alone.”

“My Child, you are never alone,” He said, “and consider this, what would hurt more: being rejected by others who do not value you, or rejecting your sweet self in favour of those who do not value you?”

“You have a valid point; I suppose rejecting myself would hurt more,” she said, “You said that You are here to remind me of myself so that I can remind them, how would I remind them?”

“By fully accepting your truth and being the example of that truth.” He said.

“And what if I fail?” she asked.

“How can you fail at being yourself?” He asked.

She furrowed her brows as if trying to solve a riddle.

“Have courage Child. Courage is not facing a lion or a tiger head on,” He said, “sometimes the most courageous thing anyone can do is to completely love and accept themselves in the face of rejection. It may not be the easiest choice; however, that’s how you’ll remind others of their courage to walk their truth too.”

“What if they don’t listen? What if they think I’m a joke?” she asked.

“It won’t matter, because those who need reminding, will seek in you their truth, those that dismiss you aren’t yet ready to see theirs.” He said.

She smiled and stood up tall.

“If I find myself feeling scared, or having lost my courage, even for a moment, will you help me?” she asked.

“Always.” He said, and with a wink, He disappeared.

She walked back towards the group.

They all smirked, looking at one another, calling her names in whispers.

She looked at them directly in the eyes and immediately felt pity.

They no longer held any power over her.

She turned right around, head held high and kept walking,

While they stood, wide eyed, with shocked looks on their faces.


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