Once upon a time,

A beautiful woman as all beautiful women, was making her way through life.

She got dressed and got into her car.

As she was driving, someone cut her off and flipped her the bird.

“WTF???” She yelled, “SCREW YOU!”

She drove up to the person’s bumper and flashed her lights.

“F——-g idiot.” she said.

Sometime later, while picking up her groceries, a woman bumped her from behind with her cart.

“I need to get by!” She said.

The woman, floored by this person’s impatience, took a deep breath and moved aside.

As she past, she gave the woman a dirty look.

The woman, stood there, flabbergasted by her behaviour.

‘What a bitch,’ she thought.


Some time later,

The woman found herself on a leaf covered path in a forest near her house.

She was filled with anger and frustration.

Picking up rocks at her feet,

She began hurling them at a nearby tree.

Standing nearby, He was watching her.

He came over and placed His hand gently on her shoulder.

“Something wrong Child?” He asked.

She cupped the rock she was about to throw in her hand and turned towards Him,

“Why do people suck???” She asked.

He started to laugh,

“Tell me what happened.”

“I just don’t understand why people are so nasty,” she said, “don’t they understand that their actions hurt others?

“They seldom do.” He said.

“So it’s okay for them to behave in this way?” she asked.

He smiled and responded, “No, of course not, but consider this Child,” He said, “what did the tree do to you?”

Confused, she responded, “Nothing.”

“So why did you hurl rocks at it?” He asked.

“Because I was angry, those people were so mean to me.” She responded.

He went over to the tree, closed His eyes and felt the indents that her rocks had made.

“Do you realize the consequences of your anger on this tree?” He asked, “You put indents in his trunk when you threw those rocks.”

The woman shook her head slowly, “I……..I didn’t mean to hurt the tree.”

“I know you didn’t Child,” He said, “the tree knows this as well.”

He continued, “This tree forgives you, because it knows that you are in pain. His trunk is strong, he can take a few jabs, but mostly, he knows despite what just happened, that he must continue on, living his truth, spreading his branches filled with leaves and eventually flowers and fruit. He forgives you because he knows that this isn’t in your nature, to be angry, to be destructive.”

He continued, “in fact, those people who were nasty to you, didn’t mean to hurt you as well. They were not aware of the consequences of their actions because they cannot see past their own pain. So they choose to channel the negativity they feel on others, just like you did when you decided to throw rocks at this tree.”

Facing her, He placed his hand upon her shoulder,

“You see Child, it is in your nature to be loving and compassionate,” He said, “those that aren’t, are not yet aware of their truth. They build stone walls with hard edges around their heart with separateness, sarcasm, anger, judgement, meanness, etc., which at first glance, seem impossible to penetrate and whose sharp edges hurt.”

“Yet, those same cold stone walls can be broken. The secret to breaking them down is love and forgiveness.” He said.

“So what, am I just suppose to take their crap with a smile on my face?” she asked.

He laughed, “No Child, but in the face of their sharp edges, which may hurt you for a time, you could choose to remain in your truth. Like this tree, you can choose to remain stable and strong, knowing their anger can’t touch you as their anger isn’t about you. You could choose forgiveness and compassion; compassion because they are in pain.”

“It’s easy to build up a cold stone wall with sharp edges in the face of another. Instead, become like water, wrapping around those hard edges, eventually melting them down. That’s what love does.” He said.

The woman sat down on the ground; her mouth agape.

He sat down beside her, with a bright smile, He spoke,

“They have a message for you,” He said, “it’s quite simple. Would you know like to what it is?”

She nodded intently.

“In the face of falsehood, be the true nature of who you are, which is love,” He said, “because the hot springs of your heart can melt even the coldest, hardest of stone walls. They may not be in a place to receive that love, but eventually they will realize. In essence Child, the awareness of the power of your heart is their gift, their message to you.”

She looked at Him, and with tears in her eyes,

She immediately got up and went to the tree.

Closing her eyes, she touched the indentations she had made earlier and asked the tree for its forgiveness.

She also thanked the tree for its mercy and grace on her.

She turned to Him and spoke,

“I don’t even know what to say to You,” she said.

“The look on your face says it all.” He said, with a wink and a smile, He disappeared.

She started back on the leafy covered path.

Realizing she still had the rocks in her pocket, she made her way to a nearby stream.

She set the rocks into the water gently.

Watching as they floated down, the water embracing them,

Her cold edges began to melt.


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