Once upon a time,

There was a girl,

Who grew up,

With a hollowness deep inside of her.

The hollowness felt dark, lifeless,

It felt empty.

The hollowness would remind her of what she lacked,







It would constantly remind her of what she lacked.

The hollowness would also demand much from her,





Trinkets of all sorts.

Anything to feel full, to feel whole,

To feel complete.

She would feel the highs,

The peace, the love,

Only to have it snatched away by,





Trinkets of all sorts.

Then, it would call to her,

The hollowness,

It called, with a force that could not be ignored,

Coercing her into thinking about the next high.


One day,

She ran out of money.

She had no way of filling the hollowness anymore.

But it kept insisting, asking her to steal if she had to.

The need was uncomfortable, gnawing and relentless,

Eating away at her.

Disgusted at the thought of stealing,

She hid in the corner of her darkened room.

She began rocking herself gently with tears streaming down her face.

Desperate, she uttered the words “Please, help me.”

At once He appeared by her side.

Gently wiping her tears, He asked,

“What is the matter my Child?”

She pointed to her heart,

“Its empty,” she said, “there is always something missing. Clothes, makeup, jewelry, likes on Facebook and Instagram, drugs, alcohol, people, these only give me fleeting moments of joy and peace. Once its over, the hollowness inside grows even more.”

He looked at her, with confusion on His face,

“I’m sorry Child, but what hollowness do you speak of?” He asked.

She pointed to her heart again,

“Right here, you can’t see it, but it’s there,” she said, “believe me, I can feel it.”

He smiled, “Have you ever thought that perhaps you are placing your faith in an illusion?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

He got up to light a candle, “In this world which teaches you the illusion of lack of self, it can feel as though your waking world is darkness,” He said.

“When a person is born into this world, they come with nothing, and when they die, they leave with nothing,” He continued, “do you then truly believe you were born incomplete?”

She looked at Him, shocked at this simple insight that had never occurred to her before.

“But if we are complete, then why do we feel we need things? Won’t life be boring without wanting things, people, or experiences?” She asked.

“On the contrary Child,” He said, “life becomes incredibly vibrant, because those desires are filled with the love and gratitude of their existence instead of the need and desperation in fear of not possessing them in order to feel whole.”

He smiled, “The end to your suffering is simple.”

Looking intently at Him, she asked, “How?”

“Acceptance,” He said. “You, who is made in the image of Me, could never be empty.   The end to your suffering is acceptance of this truth.”

The depth of His words sparked a forgotten awareness of her soul,

Akin to His lighting the wick of the candle.

That hollow emptiness that had once consumed her,

Disappeared with the awareness of her infinite totality.

Her swollen eyes squinted in the daylight,

Peaking in from her curtains.

Along with the dawn of a new day,

She was reborn.


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