She walked carefully on the dry, hot sand,

Accompanied by Them.

She stopped, hand atop her eyes,

Trying to block out the sun’s sharp rays.

Everything around her seemed to reflect a beautiful golden colour.

“Why are we here?” she asked Them.

“We’re not sure,” They said, “you must ask your soul this question. It is the one that sent us here.”

She closed her eyes and called to her soul from the depths of her heart.

Her soul appeared and stood at her side.

She asked, “what are we doing here?”

Her soul responded,

“This desert is a representation of the material world in which you live. The oasis, who many say is simply an illusion derived from extreme thirst, is your eternal truth. That’s why I brought you here.”

Puzzled, she turned to Them,

“How can the heat of the sand I feel at my feet, the rays of the sun beating down on me, and the wind that I feel whipping across my face be an illusion?” She asked.

They looked at one another, smiling intently,

“That’s one of the ironies of existing in the material world,” They said, “one puts weight on that which they can behold with their physical senses, and yet those very things are the ones that are impermanent; they change, just like sand.”

They continued, “put water to sand, and it forms a semi-solid state. When the moisture evaporates, it crumbles and breaks. Add minerals to it and it changes to another form.”

“The oasis, on the other hand, never changes. It is always permanent and everlasting. One might argue that desires for things, people and experiences change throughout one’s lifetime. We acknowledge that they do; however, it is the essence behind those desires which remain the same.”

“The essence of love, light, peace, abundance, prosperity, security, acceptance, compassion, passion, etc, never change. They remain as the marks of the soul, the eternal and everlasting truth. They are the oasis. The oasis is not the illusion, dear Child, it is the truth.”

She sat down in the sand, her eyes widened at the profoundness of what They said. Yet, she felt a pang in her throat, a deep pain that began to resurface.

“But I was taught from such a young age that this world has weight. That we must cultivate those essences from our desires found in the material world. That it is only when we achieve what we desire that we will experience those very essences You speak of.” she said.

“How can I possibly trust that I’m the oasis if I can’t see the evidence of that in the world around me?” She asked.

They looked intently at each other and then back at her.

He came forward,

Putting His hand gently on her shoulder, He spoke,

“You asked your soul to show you your truth in such a way that only you could understand,” He said, “continue to place your faith and belief in the illusory material world and your life will become dry and lifeless, like this desert.”

He continued, “or, trust that your soul is telling you the truth; become the oasis that you are through the powerful awareness of this present moment. Your life will shift & change in incredible ways you could have never imagined. The choice, as always, is yours to make.”

She stood for a moment, taking in a breath, and watching the sun as it began to set.

The sand started to feel cool at her feet.

She closed her eyes.

Silently, she asked her soul to show her what her oasis looked like.

Her eyes opened up to an incredible sight,

She found herself in a lush, tropical rainforest,

Surrounded by Them,

Smiles beaming from the Ones that loved her the most.


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