Once upon a time, There was a girl who dressed in black. All black, from head to toe. She wore dark red lipstick, Her complexion as pale as porcelain. She walked around with a frown upon her face. She felt sad about herself, Her experiences, At the state of this world. Helpless to do anything … Continue reading Beacon



Once upon a time, There was a little girl. She use to dream about her wedding day. She pictured what her husband would look like, Be like, Act like. She would wear an old embroidered piece of cloth over her head, Pretending it was a veil. __________________________________________________________________ As she grew, Her desires for a true … Continue reading Love


Once upon a time, There was a beautiful, strong woman. She was very athletic, And loved to challenge herself. She was also very generous in nature; Always giving to others. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ One day, Her and her friends decided to go mountain climbing. They got all their gear in order and began to climb. During the … Continue reading Mountain


Once upon a time, A beautiful woman as all beautiful women, was making her way through life. She got dressed and got into her car. As she was driving, someone cut her off and flipped her the bird. “WTF???” She yelled, “SCREW YOU!” She drove up to the person’s bumper and flashed her lights. “F——-g … Continue reading Water