Once upon a time,

There was a beautiful girl.

She was light and free,

She loved to twirl.

She also loved beautiful things.

One day,

She passed by a jewelry shop.

Something sparkling in the sun’s light caught her eye.

She peered inside the window to have a look.

She saw the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.

Diamonds and rubies set in gold.

She gasped at its beauty.

Immediately, she thought to herself, ‘I must have this!’

She went into the store and asked to see the necklace.

She tried it on and admired herself in the mirror.

“How much is this?” she asked.

“$10,000 ma’am.” the jeweller said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” the girl said, “why so expensive??”

“Ma’m this is a very special piece,” the jeweller said, “the stones were mined ethically and infused with an intention of love. They are quite powerful. And when you add gold into the mix, the price will be high.”

“Well, it’s something I must think about,” the girl said, feeling deflated, “I’ll come back another day, thank you.”

She left the store.


The girl sat on her favourite spot on a sandy beach,

Watching the waves hit the shore.

She could not stop thinking about the necklace.

‘How beautiful it would look on me, sparkling in the warm sun!’ she thought.

The girl, unfortunately, did not make enough money to buy the necklace.

She thought about working overtime, yet her employer wouldn’t let her.

She thought about getting a second job to pay for the necklace, but her schedule wouldn’t allow for such a thing.

Her parents, already having helped her, couldn’t afford to give her the money that she desired,

Yet she was determined more than ever to possess such a beautiful and powerful necklace.

She gambled in order to get more money, to no avail.

She tried selling some of her possessions, and was paid pennies.

She tried cutting costs here and there.

Only to have saved a little amount toward the necklace.


She obsessed over having it, day and night.

The girl would go by the jewelry store everyday to admire it.

It would hurt to have to stare at it from a distance, not being able to possess it.

One day, she saw another woman trying it on.

This crushed her completely, the thought of someone else possessing what she loved so much.

The girl left, tears in her eyes, and returned back to her spot on the beach.

She felt the breeze off of the ocean, like a soft caress.

At once, He appeared by her side.

“What troubles you my Child? Why are you crying?” He asked.

“You’re going to think that this is silly, but there’s a necklace that I really need. It would make me feel so beautiful, I just have to have it!” She exclaimed.

“It must be quite a necklace to stir such a strong desire within you.” He said.

“You have no idea!” she exclaimed, “it’s all I ever think about, it’s all I ever DREAM about. I just need to have it. You have to help me get it!”

He started to laugh, the girl felt dejected.

“Why are you laughing at my plight??” she asked, “that just makes me feel worse!”

“Forgive me Child, I’m not laughing at you,” He said, “I’m laughing because you’ve totally forgotten yourself and given your power over to a mere necklace.”

The girl, looking perplexed, asked “what do you mean I’ve given my power away?”

He looked her straight in the eyes, “My Child, there is nothing that you lack, so why give away your sense of peace, your happiness to this object that you desire?”

“But this necklace would make me even happier, it would bring to me such peace!” She exclaimed.

“That’s where you’re wrong Child,” He said, “Every time you decide that your desire will bring you something, you affirm to yourself that you lack: lack peace, lack happiness or joy, lack excitement, and so on. But you my Child do not lack of anything. I created you in my image, you are complete, full and whole. There is nothing that you must possess in this lifetime that will complete your happiness, peace, joy or excitement.”

“Then why have desire at all? What’s the point??” She asked.

Love,” He said, “Love is the point.”

The girl shook her head in disbelief, “Love? I don’t get it.”

“When you saw that necklace, how did it make you feel?” He asked.

“It made me feel good, it made me excited, I felt beautiful, I guess you could say I fell in love with that necklace.” The girl said.

“Exactly,” He said, “What did you love about it the most?”

“The way it sparkled in the sunlight,” she said, “the beautiful hues of the red rubies, the shine of the gold, the way it laid on my neck, the construction of it, how it made me feel.”

“You see my Child, desires are born from love,” He said, “that energy is what’s needed in this world. Those that create something out of love, and those who admire the creation with love. However, that love gets skewed by possession, by need. love is not need; love does not seek to possess. Love simply is. NEED is driven by lack, your need to possess that necklace was you affirming to yourself that you are not enough without it. You are not happy enough, excited enough, joyful enough, peaceful enough without that necklace. Herein lies obsession, desperation.”

He picked up a fist full of sand and continued, “No matter how tightly I hold this, some sand will slip through. If I just allowed myself to open my hand, some sand remains. Desires themselves are not bad my Child, how could they be when they are born from love?”

“Love your desires Child. Love that you love that necklace for that love honours the one that created it. Love that you got to wear that necklace, even if for a moment, you had the opportunity to revel in your desire. If you can do this, you may find just like the sand that remained in my hand, that what you love comes easily and effortlessly to you.”

“You might also realize that you no longer need to possess that which you desire, that loving what you desire, is enough.”

She considered His words carefully and just as the sun began peaking through the clouds, she also felt the light from within beginning to shine and sparkle with the truth of her very being.


When the girl returned to work, her boss called her into her office.

“I wanted to call you in today to say that we are absolutely amazed by all of your hard work. You really have shown your value to this company. We wanted to present you with this bonus, you’ve earned it.”

The girl graciously thanked her boss and returned to her desk.

She opened the envelope; her jaw dropping to the floor.

It was a cheque, for $15,000.


The girl took a walk after work, absolutely flabbergasted at what had just happened.

She now had more than enough money to purchase the necklace.

She walked into the store, the jeweller recognizing her at once, brought the necklace out.

“Have you decided?” He asked.

“May I try it on, one more time?” She asked.

“Of course,” the jeweller said, who proceeded to take it off of the display.

The girl tried it on and admired it in the mirror. She loved the way that it laid on her neck, loved the diamonds and rubies and how they sparkled. She admired the shine of the gold. She spent a few minutes loving the necklace and complimenting the jeweller on its construction.

“I’ve never seen someone love one of my pieces this much,” the jeweller said, “shall I pack it up for you?”

“No,” said the girl, “I’m so sorry, please don’t get me wrong, the necklace is beautiful, but I don’t need it anymore.”

The jeweller stood there confused and shook his head as the girl left the store.

She returned to the beach and picked up a fist full of sand.

She opened her hand,

Looking at the sand that remained,

A big smile spread across her face.


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