Once upon a time,

There was a young woman.

Who was accompanied by her companions.

We’ll simply call them E and S.

She got ready and set forth into the world; E & S always by her side.

When she arrived at work, a colleague came to her and greeted her warmly.

She also pointed out a few mistakes the young woman had made on some of her reports.

E whispered in her ear “You are so stupid, how could you not pick up on those?”

S, who always had the young woman’s best interest at heart, tried to respond “I wouldn’t worry about it, you are good at writing reports-”

E clapped back “Shut up! Listen fix these or else they’ll think you’re stupid and useless! Remember, you need to always keep them happy.”

The young woman, feeling quite embarrassed and ashamed, thank her colleague with her head down and set out to fix the errors on her reports.


One day,

The young woman felt S nudging her to pick up a paint brush.

E came in and asked “what do you think you’re doing?”

“Well S was thinking that maybe painting would be a good idea.” said the young woman.

“S has no idea what she’s talking about. You’ve never painted before. You can’t do it. Nothing is to be gained from it. Don’t even think about it again. You wouldn’t want to become more of a failure would you?” E said.

The young woman put down the paint brush.

S, watching this, became silent.


The young woman grew more mature.

While reflecting back on her life, she realized she never heard S anymore.

E had been running the show.

Telling her how worthless and useless she was.

The woman had lost her job a long time ago and had been struggling ever since. She had no friends, and the only family she ever knew had abandoned her.

S was the only one who seemed to encourage her, to not demand anything of her, to love her unconditionally.

As she sat on the beach, hearing the ocean waves crashing against the shore, she called to S who appeared by her side.

“Why have things turned out this way for me?, ” she asked, “I’ve never been a bad person, I’ve always been kind. Why has life been such a struggle for me?”

“You listened to E your entire life. You allowed negative experiences, set backs, disappointments, and failures to become the gospel of your life. You began to see yourself through E’s eyes and not mine.” said S

“What do you see?” the woman asked.

“I see brilliance, I see gold, I see a light as strong and powerful as the sun. I see a beautiful child of the One who is capable of creating anything that she desires.” S said.

“That all sounds so beautiful. I desire to see myself through your eyes.” The woman said.

“It’s never too late-”

“For what??” E clapped back.

The woman turned and faced E,

“I’m tired of listening to you,” the woman said, “you lied to me, told me that I was worthless, told me that I wasn’t worth loving, told me that I had nothing of value to offer to anyone. And look at where I’m at! It’s all your fault!!!!! I REFUSE to listen to you anymore! Leave me!” The woman exclaimed.

“Oh, but you can’t get rid of me that easily, ” said E, “you’ve been listening to me your entire life. Don’t think that I won’t try to remind you of what you truly are. Those experiences S was talking about are EXACTLY who you are. That’s the sheer hard evidence that you’ll never escape. I’ll always be here to remind you.”

The woman turned to S in despair and started sobbing,

“I’ll never break free.” She said.

S put her hand gently on her shoulder, “you have the power dear One. For when you listen to me, E’s voice gets a little softer. When you decide to pick up that paint brush and paint, E’s grip gets a little looser. It’s not those experiences that define who you are, it’s your perception of them that does. You’ve spent a lifetime listening to the lies of your EGO. You can choose to listen to the truth of your SOUL; it’s never too late.”

The woman wiped her eyes.

She got up and offered an intention to herself. To finally live her life listening to the truest friend she’s ever known.



The next morning, the woman got up from her bed.

She got dressed and put on her makeup.

S greeted her warmly and said “you look beautiful and radiant today.”

The woman smiled,

While E crossed her arms, silently sulking in the corner.


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