What’s Painted on your Canvas?


What’s painted on your canvas today?

This question just came to me. It came to me at a time when I’ve been questioning the choices that I’ve made in my life. Who I am as a person, how far I’ve come, and where I am to go next.

With all of this swirling through my head, this question allowed me to come back to the present. The present, where the future is created, where I can breathe, where I don’t have to have all of the answers right away.

What’s painted on my canvas today?

I began contemplating this question; the simplicity of it and yet how profound a question it actually is.

If you believe that every human being has the capability of creating their own reality with their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions, then that question makes you think.

At least for me it did.  I started to ask my higher self; what have I painted on my canvas today? Does it already have paint on it? It is a picture that I’ve already painted from the past? Is there a picture of what I desire for the future? Is it full of fear? love? peace? colour? words?

Is it inspiring? Or is it sad? Does it reflect the state of how I feel? Or is it a picture of denial?

I kept asking myself these questions. I also became aware of how I kept painting the same picture over and over again based on how I felt about myself from the past. I realized that I kept creating the same fears about the future, the same sorrows feeling like a victim, the same beliefs about myself, the same suffering over and over again. Without really being aware of it.

I made a choice; I decided, my past is not my present. My past is over now. The future hasn’t been created yet. So again I asked…

What am I going to create TODAY?

The picture above is what I made over two days; I took the time to figure out what my new painting was going to be.

The best part about being alive is getting a new canvas every single day to create whatever it is that we want to create. But if we aren’t aware of what we create for ourselves through monitoring our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, we may be creating the same painting over and over again.

How would it feel to be able to create a new picture for your life with a blank canvas every single day? What about adding to an existing one that inspires you? Looking at it over and over again – adding to it, taking away what doesn’t work?

I’m going to start with these things that have brought me such inspiration: passion, abundance/prosperity, peace, and centeredness. Having the visual picture representing each of these concepts I intend to bring more of into my life further amplifies these for me. It helps to remind me that I truly have the power to change my reality.

So what picture is on your canvas today?

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