The little girl spoke,

“I have a wonderful story to tell you today!” She said.

No one was around, so she spoke to the sky, the animals, the trees, the grass,

As she grew older, she made a few friends.

One day, as they sat around in a circle, the girl spoke,

“I have a good story to tell you today!”

As she proceeded, her friend interrupted,

“Let’s go and play in the park!” She exclaimed.

The girl, not minding being interrupted and loving the idea,

Went with her friends to the park.

One day, the young lady sat on a bench with her friends,

“I have an awesome story to tell you guys!” She said.

One friend said, “hold on a second, I need to text my boyfriend,”

The other said, “wait till you see this picture on Facebook, it’s hilarious!”

Not minding the distractions, the young lady thought, ‘I’ll save my story for another time.’

As the young lady matured into a grown woman, she sat with her colleagues around a table,

“I have an interesting story to tell you.” She said.

“We’ll get to that later, we have more important things to go over.” her boss said.

The woman gave a nod, her smile fading from her face.

She came home from work that day; her family greeting her warmly,

She spoke,“I have a great stor—“

“Not now honey, I have to get some work done.” her husband said.

“I wanna watch TV!” her daughter said.

“So do I!” her son said.

The woman, saying nothing, gave a nod and lowered her head.

One day the woman, now much older, walked into a forest,

Her throat felt dry and tight with pain.

She hadn’t said much in years.

She sat under a large oak tree and tried to speak.

Unable to form a word, she started to cry.

She cried for all of the times she had held her tongue,

Believing her voice wasn’t good enough,

Worth being acknowledged or worth being heard.

She wept and wept.

As if removing a bandage off of an old unhealed wound,

Her sorrowful cries turned into words,

Words she hadn’t spoken in years.

Since no one was around, she spoke to the sky, the animals, the trees, the grass,

“I have a wonderful story to tell you today!” She exclaimed.“It’s a story about a woman,

Who learned to value her own voice.”

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