Who knew that cutting one of these on a Saturday morning would spark an insight? Then again, doing mundane things, at least for me, which I take for granted, often spark these insights within me.

Have you ever tried to cut one of these? I’ve seen my mom do this thousands of times, and yet this morning was the first time I tried to do it myself.

It wasn’t pretty.

Juice flying everywhere! The skins from the fruit collecting on my cutting board filled with red juice, just splatters of it everywhere. On my counter, the backsplash. Anyways you get the idea.

As I was trying to peel back the layers to get the seeds, I thought about an episodes of Oprah’s Lifeclass where Bishop T.D. Jakes was talking about how the core of an apple is like the core of our soul – we can either cut to it or rot to it. I thought that was absolutely brilliant.

So while I’m messing myself and my kitchen up cutting this fruit, I thought about what he said and my own journey thus far. I realized that every belief pattern that I had was represented by the skin wrapped around the actual seeds. As I peeled back the layers of the skin to expose the seeds, I thought about how this is an exact metaphor of the work that I try and do on myself on a daily basis. Seeing patterns in my life that I no longer identify with; being aware of the negative things I tell myself and why I even started to in the first place.

For example, I told myself that I couldn’t possible cut one of these pomegranates, it’s too hard and it makes a mess. I noticed that I’ve told myself that quite often when something appears too difficult. I’ve always talked myself out of doing it; told myself that if I tried I would simply fail at it and I shouldn’t even try.

I noticed how uncomfortable I was doing this (mind you, I’m simply cutting fruit here!), and as much as I would dismiss this in my logic mind by saying – Remika, seriously it’s just fruit – I allowed myself to feel into the discomfort; into what I had been telling myself all along:

It’s too messy, you can’t do it. It’ll make a mess, you won’t be able to do it. 

But isn’t that what learning is all about? It’s messy. It’s heartbreaking at times. It challenges you, it forces you to face fears that you would much rather avoid.

For me, it’s like exposing my vulnerability, exposing the darkest parts of me which I wish didn’t exist, the parts of me keeping me locked into patterns that don’t serve my highest good. The parts of me that keep telling me lies like I can’t, it’s not possible, I’m not worthy.

As I peeled back the layers to get more seeds, I also realized just how far I’ve come on peeling back the false beliefs to expose the true seeds of my soul. My soul’s truth. But not just my truth, everyone’s truth.

All of us are beautiful; all of us are powerful; all of us are connected. We are all one. We all have these beautiful qualities within us; that is our soul’s truth. But like the pomegranate, we’ve wrapped up these seeds within the fruit’s skin walls, unaware of what’s hiding beneath. Or too afraid to look within at what may be there.

I believe that my journey involves peeling away the old systems that aren’t working anymore to expose the real truth of who I am. Yeah, it’s a messy process, painful at times, even lonely; however, it’s so worth it when I get to see the real truth of me. Beholding it’s sweetness.

Amazing what one can learn from a fruit if one is so willing….

P.S.: I cleaned up the mess easily and thought – that really wasn’t so bad. What else am I capable of doing? 🙂

Picture reference: http://www.medievalhistories.com/pomegranates/


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