Once upon a time,

There was an oval.

She was a beautiful oval,

With soft round curves.

She went along her merrily way, and bumped into some rectangles.

Their edges were as sharp as their words.

“Why are you so round?” they asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I was just made that way.” The oval said.

“That’s weird.” one rectangle said

“How strange.” Said another

The oval didn’t pay any mind and went on her merrily way.

Over time, what the oval came to realize was that the rectangles had it easy.

They fit perfectly into spaces,

Their shapes measured up.

Everyone could relate to them.

So the oval tried her best to fit in,

But had an awful time adjusting.

The oval found she didn’t fit anywhere.

Her shape didn’t fill the corners,

Every time she would bump into a rectangle she got hurt on their sharp edges.

She wasn’t as elegant as the rectangles were. They were straight and beautiful.

She, on the other hand, was a strange round shape.

One fine day, He sat beside her.

“Father why couldn’t you make me into a rectangle?” She asked, “I don’t belong in this world.”

He smiled at the oval,

“You belong more than you know.” He said.

“But I don’t fit anywhere, I’m always bumping against hard edges, the rectangles always make fun of me!” She exclaimed.

“I understand; I can only imagine how difficult it must be. But your soft round shape is what’s needed in this world.” He said.

“You can either allow those sharp edges to deflate you or you can choose to bounce right off of them,” He said, “Choice is yours; but between you and me, bouncing is far more fun.”

He winked at her and disappeared.

The oval, having received an awareness akin to the dawn of a new day, thanked her Father for creating her.

And she went merrily on her way.