She could hear them arguing again,

Even while she hid in her room.

She pretended that it didn’t get to her.

Yet all these years later,

The pain still felt fresh.

He came and sat by her side.

“I just don’t have it in me anymore….. to mediate between them.” She said.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m the parent, defending Mom, placating Dad so that he won’t blow up again.”

“I understand.” He said.

She turned to Him,

“Why don’t they realize that I needed them to be the grown-ups? I needed them to nurture me, to take care of me; I needed them to be there for me. I still need them to be there for me. Don’t they realize what they’re doing?”

“No; they don’t.” He said.

“Great, so I get to suffer the consequences of their ignorance.” She said.

“Not exactly Child,” He said.

He placed His hand on her shoulder,

“It is often when one feels they are missing something, they go in search of it outside of themselves, only to never find it. It’s because it’s already within. The discovery of this is essentially the lesson you need to learn.”

“A poor man becomes rich when he discovers the riches within himself, in other words, that which cannot be bought. A woman is a mother when she discovers the qualities of nurturing and unconditional love within, a lonely person is no longer lonely when they discover the God that is within, they are aware of a Greater Whole who is not complete without them.” He said.

“That which you may feel you lack is what you need to look for within yourself. It hasn’t been given because it doesn’t need to be; you already have it inside of you.”

She shook her head; “you know You never cease to amaze me; You always have the words that I need to hear at the exact time I need to hear them.” She said.

He smiled, “just doing my job.”

They both stood up;

He gave her a long, warm hug.

“I don’t know what I would do without You.” She said.

“You’ll never have to find out.” He winked and disappeared.

She walked out of her room, went up to her mother and father and gave them each both a long, warm hug.

They both looked at each other with surprise while she went into the kitchen,

And began preparing supper.

Picture reference: https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5592015/il_fullxfull.346583675.jpg

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