Two angels sat amongst the clouds,

The first angel spoke “I need you to help me, would you mind?”

The second angel replied “Sure, what can I help you with?”

“I need you to teach me to love and appreciate myself.” She said.

“You got it.” said the second angel.


Two good friends sat together on a bench,

The first friend spoke “You really hurt me. Why do you continue to treat me in this way?”

The second friend replied “Because I can.”

They both got up from the bench and walked away in opposite directions.


She sat under a tree, tears streaming down her face.

She thought to herself, how could my own best friend betray me?

Seeing her amongst the trees, He sat down next to her.

She looked over at Him and asked “Why do the people we love hurt us the most?”

He put His hand on her shoulder, “Some people are surrounded by those who they can laugh with, talk with, experience joy and love with. Then there are others who are surrounded by those who elect to be a mirror, reflecting one’s true self back to them.” He continued. “If you allow their actions to teach you about yourself, you’ll find that your enemy is truly your friend.”

“So does that mean we should let people hurt us?” She asked. “Should we stand for their actions against us?”

“Of course not,” He said, “but can you not find a place within you where you may have betrayed yourself? Where you chose fear over love? Where you chose another’s voice over your own?”

Her brows furrowed; she crossed her arms and shook her head slowly in protest, until an awareness crept in that she couldn’t ignore any longer. He smiled and continued,

“Treasure those friends Child, for no matter how much their actions hurt you, they are the ones that pave the way back home to yourself, the only true friend you’ll ever need.”

Looking at Him with both shock and awe she got up at once and ran back to the bench.

Her friend was no where to be found.

She sat down once again, closed her eyes and spoke,

“My dear friend, thank you for teaching me to love and appreciate myself.”

She opened her eyes and noticed a peculiar thing at her feet.

A white feather had appeared.

Picture reference: http://pikmin.wikia.com/wiki/File:White-feather-HR-no-background.jpg


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