Once upon a time,

There was a little girl.

She loved to run, jump, and dance.

She loved to ride her bike to places unknown.

She and her body were the best of friends.

Always in sync with one another.

As she grew,

Her body changed.

While most girls her aged grew taller,

She grew fuller.

One day, while looking at a magazine,

She noticed the shape of her body,

It didn’t quite measure up to the pictures.

She asked her body, “why can’t you be like these girls?”

Her body said, “I’m just not built the same way.”

The girl didn’t accept this.


As she got older,

Her and her body grew distant.

She stopped listening to her body’s needs, wants and desires,

And began listening to her mind instead.

Diet after diet,

Restriction after restriction,

Pushing her body beyond limits.

When she couldn’t measure up to the girls in the magazines,

When one attempt after another failed,

After abusing her body, almost beyond repair,

One fine day,

Her heart just stopped beating.


He sat beside her, on a cloud in Heaven.

“What was my error Father?” she asked, “what did I do to have it end so suddenly?”

He smiled and took her hand, “My child, you didn’t love the one thing that loved you in all the world,”

She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face,

“What thing?” she asked.

“Your body.” He replied.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, “I did everything that I could think of to measure up to what my body should have looked like, I dieted, I exercised, I took pills and then when none of that worked, I simply gave up and focused on my mind instead. My body’s the one that didn’t love me; my body betrayed me” she said.

“Your body didn’t betray you Child, you betrayed it.” He said.

“How?” she asked.

“You stopped loving it.” He said gently, “Simply put, you tried to make it into something that it wasn’t. You stopped loving and appreciating it for what it was. And when you felt that it didn’t measure up to your expectations, you abandoned it. That rejection made your heart stop beating.”

She looked at Him with an incredulous look on her face,

“Are you saying I literally broke my own heart?” she asked.

“In essence, yes.” He said, “when all of you are created in my image, why this need to change? There is nothing to measure up to, for true beauty is in the creation itself. Your body was already beautiful, it didn’t need to change. Your body understood this, but sadly, you didn’t.”

The realization and awareness of what she had done to her body shook her to the core of her soul.

She turned to Him, “if I ever get another chance Father, I will learn to love all of me, my body, my mind and my spirit. I will never ever abandon my body again.”

He smiled at her, “may ALL my children come to this realization.” He said.



One countershock to her heart was given.


Another countershock.

She took a breathe.

Her eyes gently opened, taking in the sun’s light.

And her heart,

Beat stronger than ever.


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