Being Indigo

The other day I watched a documentary on this “phenomenon” of children who have been born on this planet; Indigo children. The host of the program appeared quite skeptical yet kept a surprisingly open mind while interviewing both indigo children & adults and adults of indigo children. I have to admit I found myself cringing when people talked about energy, crystals and talking to angels as if it were having a conversation about the weather. I admired their courage and matter-of-factness considering this was filmed for a documentary.

I equally cringed at what the clinical psychologist had to say about the subject. He discussed that these children are being labelled incorrectly, are likely suffering with ADD or ADHD and should be treated as such. According to him the idea of them having “special powers” seems preposterous and if they don’t receive treatment they will likely have a difficult time in school, succeeding in life in general, and can succumb to addiction, depression and anxiety.

So what exactly is an Indigo? From my experience and from what I’ve researched, an Indigo is someone who has this specific colour surrounding them in their auric field. They can discern when someone is lying to them, they have an inherent knowledge about the world and are very intuitive. There is much written about this subject so I won’t reinvent the wheel. Suffice to say that they think and see the world in a different way.

I’ve actually had the experience of being on both sides of the coin. In high school I struggled with anxiety and depression; in fact I still have my days. I was treated with medications and can remembering feeling numb; no anxiety, yet no joy. Having had a seizure because of the many drug interactions, I stopped taking all of my medications and the result was I still felt the way I did before – now I could simply feel it all again, the anxiety, the sadness, etc.

I am not advocating for or against medications – I truly believe that we all need to listen to our bodies and do what is right for us. For me, it just wasn’t working. In my late 20s I started delving more into spirituality; I’ve always believed in a Higher power but I longed to feel an even deeper connection. I participated in a class where I got wind of being an Indigo. I had never heard of such a thing until then. I kind of dismissed it at the time – likely because I wasn’t ready to hear more about it. Because I was still in the grips of anxiety and depression I sought out an energy psychotherapist. Our sessions resonated with me and I couldn’t have found better relief for facing the many emotions that I was experiencing. Interestingly enough, she confirmed for me that I am indeed an Indigo.

So what do I do with this knowledge exactly? Well, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I do think differently than most people. Does that make me special?

The simple answer to that is no.

I think we all search out the meaning of our lives – why are we even here on earth, what does this all mean? Are we just living to exist or existing to live? It can be dangerous to attach any sense of value or worth to a label.  As I aim to develop even more compassion I try to discard the label. It’s easy to say well they just don’t get me and how I think and create an “us” vs “them” scenario. But I say what makes us all beautiful is the fact that we all see things from so many possible angles and perspectives. What if all flowers were only one kind? How boring would that be?

The beauty is in the acceptance and harmony with which we interact with one another. If we could simply accept that and learn from each other, the world I believe, would be a more peaceful place.

I suppose that’s stating the obvious, but for me, the more that I can just accept that I see things differently the more I feel I can accept others for how they think and feel. And that, I believe, is a miracle in and of itself.

I have struggled with myself for so many years, trying to convince myself to just blend in, don’t be obvious, don’t stand out! These days, I’m wearing a different hat; one that says: have the courage to stand out and to be who you are. It’s okay if you don’t think or feel like your friends do – have the courage to continue to think and feel the way that is right for you. One of the major lessons that I will definitely teach my children someday.

Whether you’re labelled an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, whatever, don’t pay attention to the label. The label doesn’t make you special, you are special no matter what. You may just see things differently and truly that’s all that label means at the end of the day. Different.

I may look left while everyone looks right but if I can have the courage to accept that, maybe someone else who looks left too will join me. Maybe my purpose is simply that – do what feels right to me, even if it’s not conventional and perhaps this will give others the courage to do so as well. How’s that for being Indigo? 😉


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