One morning,

The young woman was doing her makeup,

Blending foundation and powder into her skin.

As she applied her eyeliner, her hand shook,

She found herself getting frustrated at the line she made, now smeared.

Watching this, She appeared behind her.

“What’s the matter Child?” She asked.

“Ugh, just this eyeliner, I’ll fix it though.” She said. “Don’t you just love how makeup makes a woman beautiful?”

She laughed, “makeup doesn’t make a woman beautiful Child.” She said.

The young woman turned to look at Her.

“Of course it does, it covers up everything that’s flawed.” She said.

Looking at her with a motherly gaze, she spoke, “My daughter, if you apply your makeup as such, you will end up wearing a mask.” She said.

The young woman appeared confused, “What do you mean a mask? It’s still my face.”

“A painting isn’t created from a flawed canvas; a Creator’s creation can never be flawed.” She spoke.

Placing a gentle hand upon her head, She continued, “Paints, no matter how they are used, whether upon a blank canvas or on a bare face reflect the beauty that already exists.”

With that, She left the room.

Having pondered upon Her words, the young woman took a tissue and began to wipe off her makeup.

Suddenly, the sun shone into her window at a most perfect angle, illuminating her vanity’s mirror.

She peered into her mirror and for the first time in her life,

She felt beautiful.


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